Savage in Limbo by John Patrick Shanley

The Bronx, 1984. A virgin, a whore and a mystic walk into a bar on the biggest son-of-a-Monday night imaginable.  At 32, their Wonder Years are over but their Growing Pains remain.  An epic sitcom unfolds in a place where everybody knows your name but nobody gives a shit.

The five remarkable performances draw us to an unsettling ending that - after acts of betrayal, seduction, blackmail, and helplessness - finally leaves Savage in Limbo
— To Dad with Love
The actors delivered powerful, poignant and emotionally charged performances.
— Melbourne Snaps

with Gavin InghamCeleste Markwell, Peter Paltos, Joanne Redfearn and Debbie Zukerman

November 4 – 24, 2012
Studio 246, Brunswick

Director: Mark Wilson
Producer: Samantha Potts with The Honeytrap
Sound/Composition: Jarrod Factor
Lighting: Matt Addey
Dialect Coach: Jennifer Innes