Scarborough by Fiona Evans

In a faded hotel room in Scarborough, a couple is having an illicit weekend away. Amidst the peeling wallpaper and the seagull cries they laugh, quarrel and make love. But they don’t dare go out, because this affair is between a Phys Ed teacher and a mouthy sixteen year old.

Sensitive direction and talented performances
— Cameron Woodhead, The Age
Well acted and directed with conviction
— Nick Spunde, Australian Stage

with Joanne Redfearn, Matt Connell, Doug Lyons and Libby Brockman

Director: Loren de Jong & Celeste Markwell
Set Design: Casey-Scott Corless
Costume Design: Nicholas MacKinnon
Lighting: Jarrod Factor
Sound: Tom Backhaus
Production Manager: Debbie Zukerman
Stage Manager: Kasey Gambling
Dialect Coach: Jennifer Innes
Publicity: Sassy Red PR (Eleanor Howlett)
Graphic Design: James Oates
Publicity Stills: Daniel Bornstein

May 2 – 18, 2013
Brunswick Arts Space, Brunswick